The Human Connection

by Chaos Divine

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Dann 'the djentle giant' It's like if Tool would meet Eden Circus and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. Favorite track: Beautiful Abyss.
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Morts The Human Connection has this band living up to their moniker better than ever! Utterly flawless, this album sees Chaos Divine evolving from the good band they were to the freakin' awesome band they are now, venturing further into prog territory than previous outings and relying less on the death growls to create a greater sound more suited to the band's style and direction. And talk about a killer live act! If you ever get a chance to see 'em live DO IT! It'd be one less regret in your life... Favorite track: One Door.
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released March 25, 2011

All songs written and performed by Chaos Divine

All music and lyrics © Chaos Divine 2011
All lyrics by David Anderton

Produced by Chaos Divine

All songs engineered and recorded by Simon Mitchell at Underground Studios, Perth
Assistant engineering by Troy Nababan

Keyboards and sampling by Ryan Felton

Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden
Additional post-production by James Hewgill

Art, illustration and design by Ryan Felton


all rights reserved



Chaos Divine Perth, Australia

Leading audiences and listeners through a journey of uncompromising arrangements, crushing heavy riffs and soaring melodies, Perth’s enigmatic prog metal five-piece CHAOS DIVINE have well and truly immersed themselves in a realm of sound and style matched by few, and admired by many.

The band now delivers Unspoken, the epic first single from the band’s new album due in 2019.
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Track Name: One Door
We were one and the same
The blood that once passed through your veins
Now flows in mine

I need someone to blame
Who decided to end this game?
It’s much too early right now

As I call out to you
I‘m not sure if you are receiving
Can you hear me?

It should never be true
This void that I can not break through
A heart divided in two

So I writhe through this night, gazing upwards at vacant skies
And it’s too much now, I can’t face this anymore
But there’s no escaping, there’s only one door

They say this pain will surely fade
In time it goes away
But nothing seems to change
This aching still remains
No bridge onto your side
I must wait until I die

And I'll think of you from dusk 'til dawn
I'll hold my breath from night to morn
And I’ll call upon our last embrace
Tide me over until I see your face again

Will the world explode before I hold your hand
Will my tears bring lakes to this desert sand
And I don’t know if I can be the man
That I knew, that you were
Track Name: At the Ringing of the Siren
I see how you live
You’re so positive
In your purpose, your being
While I walk alone
Lost in the unknown
With nothing to hold onto

I can’t help it
I can’t stop it
This constant questioning
Now I’m getting tired

Are we reborn?
Does life go on?
Does this life go on?

Faith now fading for you
So please renew

Evidence, you forgot to mention,
Must exist If we are not to question
This devotion
2000 years, on and on and counting
Falling tears, these questions still are mounting
Why are we here?

Proclaim, insist
The reason we exist
Then leave us with no reason

The book I hold
The stories that are told
Cannot refute the sceptic

So I call your name
I’m questioning these claims
Please give me your rebuttal

Does life go on?
When the bodies gone
At the ringing of the siren

Hear the ringing of the siren
Track Name: The Beaten Path
You should know
That it is not my intention

To leave you alone
But if you stay it’s under false pretences

The faces that come
The faces are blackened in me

Look to my past
Into your future you will see

Nothing can last
So close to perfect I must leave

The faces that come
The faces are blackened in me

Now I don’t know where I’m going
But I know that I can’t stay
As I pray upon your ashes
Won’t someone please save me

From my own hands
When’s this rescue gonna come?
Can they stop me
From destroying all that I love?

It wasn’t fair
But that was not what I intended

I had a duty of care
And I let down those expectations

The faces that come
The faces are blackened in me

In familiar waters
Lusting storm is blowing over
Searching for sanctity
Bound to walk this beaten path

Molded by fate
Now cursed that I must plunder

Is it too late
To break the spell that I’ve been under?

The faces that come
The faces are blackened in me
Track Name: Chasing Shadows
Claustrophobia impending
They’d see through this disguise
Symbols turn and run in horror
To ridicule the eyes
Undivided concentration
It fails to bring the gains
Taunted by your own impairment
The will begins to bend

Hold on, be strong, the end will surely come when the world will cease this fallacy

Raise your head above the water
To be pushed down again
Drowning in the constant torment
Of those you thought were friends
Destiny is what awaits thee
Who pushes harder still
Fight the fear of total failure
They‘ll never break the will

This defect is a gift
Turn resentment to up lift
The wind is changing
Surrender the disguise
Look past your own demise
The wind is must change

And young child, don’t walk away from your dreams
And young child, it's not as bad as it seems
Sticks and stones will break your bones, but
Only you can hurt you
As you crawl inside your shell you hide
Licking your wounds in the cover of the shadows, you renew

Desensitise your fragile mind, fortify the essence of your insides, calcified
Now you crawl out of the shadows
To face those that paint with scorn
They would hold you
If they could bear to wrap their arms around this aberration
Their repugnance shining clearly through

Hands are shaking
A mind of their own who you cannot disown
Unstoppable, out of control,never will you tame
Track Name: Beautiful Abyss
Disturbed by the impurity
It’s the scar of this masquerade
There’ll be no more insecurities
Once you pass through this doorway

But you knew more
Your soul’s paid for
This endless fight
Rewarded by delight

You were incarcerated
Within these walls blockaded

Stuck on this meteorite
Caught in this wicked wild fight

The fumes intoxicating
The smell of sin unfading

A soul restricted by this
Impure enclosure of flesh and bone

But you knew more
Your soul’s paid for
This endless fight
Rewarded by delight

Out of darkness through this night
Bathe in the oncoming light, you will
Hear no evil, fear no more
Rejoice you are home

Don’t wait at the water’s edge
It’s time to step into the unknown blue

As time moves along
We forgot that we belong to something bigger

To know what is and what will be
To see with more than sensory
The song you’ll sing is certainty
This journey begins

Move into the mist
This beautiful abyss it liberates you

Now a part of the ethereal, the celestial array
Born again in beauty impeccable
These wonders will never fade

Track Name: Silence
Fortified from the cries
No need to apologise
We all know that you’ll be sleeping well tonight

Hard as stone down to the bone
A face of you fear you can’t condone
Emotions now objectified

A friendship sewn but now it’s gone
Lesson learnt I’ll walk alone
This trust in you was so misplaced

When sympathy is gone
Were left to fend alone
The sympathy society once relied upon
Don’t empathise today
Or you’ll labelled as a slave to heart
Don’t be ashamed
Be devoid of caring

Now I’m aware, nothing is important anymore, but time

I fear
The chances of us breaking through this
Are close to less than none

And since the day we're born
We're forced to live a life so cold
It's not alright
It's not okay
That our humanity
Is all dehumanised
Track Name: Invert Evolution
Forward, it takes us backwards

Beneath these misleading eyes
The instinct lies, the instinct you must deny
With only yourself to blame
The circle's broke
The circle's broken

Thrive, in the corporate heat
More than just stupid a piece of meat

Check your destination
Conforms to the equation

Falling to pieces
Your own lineage
Why can’t you feel the
Need to break into this world

Invert evolution
Revert this constitution
Invert evolution
Humanity decaying

Life, has become a question
Have we lost the human connection?

IQs now decay
Social disarray
Corporate fallacy
Leads us to our own demise

Breed lunacy
Breed out sanity
Dystopia awaits
A dysgenic prophecy
Track Name: Astral Plane
No more identity
No more desire
Now weak from dormancy
This heart's lost its fire

So my incentive died
So I’m demoralised
Asleep behind waking eyes
Fading into comatose

Falling through the astral plane
Lost in purgatory
Flailing wings of disdain
Condemn me so I cannot fly
Falling through the astral plane
Never hear a scream
There’s no waking time in this astral plane

I can’t, hear you
I can’t, see you
I can’t, feel you
I can’t, break through
I don’t, know how
I might, fall down
I sense, rain clouds
So I won’t try

No expectations
No way to defeat
Past procrastination
Now please conquer me

It’s barely survival
This futility
Leave me in the gutter
Beyond the will to compete

This lethargy is calling you to come in from the light
Never thought to disappoint it

Pay the price for worshipping these walls that shield you from outside
Agoraphobia anointed

Blame my lamenting mind
Blame my folly insides
This body now atrophied
In everlasting comatose
Track Name: No Road Home (Solastalgia)
Been here before, or have I?, cannot recall

Been here before, but I can’t, see what I’m looking for
There’s nothing left only memories remain

And until the end, I’ll search for my home

Progress haunts my dreams
And I can’t stop this enemy
Forever stalking me

And to the world I’d known, I bid farewell

I am homesick, while at home
And I’ve got nowhere else to go
I reminisce of the last time
That I stood on this sacred ground

Misplaced myself but I’m still here
Never thought that I would fear
Losing my homeland
I’ve lost my sacred ground

Desperate, clutching straws
Distant, at arms throw
Can’t face the new world I’ve come to
Rejecting what is before my eyes

Memories, lost and sold
Deface times of old
I reminisce of the past life
No compensation can compensate me for what
I have lost. I have lost

Grave mound, connections are fragmented
To my own ground

This wound, created for your welfare
Now left unbound

Tear it all down
No you can’t buy this ground
Hold fast, face down
This can’t be undone

This world goes to, the highest bidder
We can only loose, while they desecrate

Victim of our lust
No-one we can trust
Were all longing for fortune?
But somebody’s got to pay

Nomad don’t belong
Aimlessly I run
Never return to my past life
A vagabond born by solastalgia
I am lost, I am lost

Have I been here, before?
And I’ll be here, nevermore

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