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Morts Speaking to Dave Anderton after a gig a couple years ago he asked me what my favourite Chaos Divine album was. I fairly quickly answered "The Human Connection". At that time I'd been truthful, but after that night I was curious to revisit Avalon again. I've felt compelled to do so frequently after that. Suffice it to say I can no longer clearly identify which Chaos Divine album is my favourite. Avalon grows more awesome with repeated listens! Favorite track: Refuse the Sickness.
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released September 12, 2008

All songs written and performed by Chaos Divine

All music and lyrics © Chaos Divine 2007-2008
All lyrics by David Anderton

Produced by Jarrad Hearman
All songs recorded, mixed and engineered by Jarrad Hearman

Drums recorded at Sing Sing studios, Melbourne
Drum tech: Shane Wakker

Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering

Keyboards and Sampling by Ryan Felton and David Anderton

Art concepts by Ryan Felton and Chaos Divine
Design and illustration by Ryan Felton


all rights reserved



Chaos Divine Perth, Australia

Leading audiences and listeners through a journey of uncompromising arrangements, crushing heavy riffs and soaring melodies, Perth’s enigmatic prog metal five-piece CHAOS DIVINE have well and truly immersed themselves in a realm of sound and style matched by few, and admired by many.

The band now delivers Unspoken, the epic first single from the band’s new album due in 2019.
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Track Name: Contortion
A child of this world
Living life without anxiety

For we are burning now

Our time is fading
Molecules replaced and rearranging

For we are turning the page backwards
Yearning for the dreams of yesterday

We chase the past at the cost of the present
And lose what is here
This sentimental dream is our master
Nostalgia replacing truth

Contort yourself
Contort yourself to false infancy

For we are burning now

You fixate on pipedreams
You become a slave to absurdity

For we are turning the page backwards
Yearning for the dreams of yesterday


Return to your youth


Return to your youth
Track Name: Our Delusion
Accountability is not something you believe in
What will the future be?
What it holds you cannot see
Your eyes have been blinded by the falseness of bureaucracy
As there is no more time,
Our fate is now irrefutable

Can't we see what we're destroying?
Blinded by conceit
The tides will turn
The winds will change
We'll suffocate in Gaia's pain

You cannot run and hide
Shelter for you has been denied
Excruciating cries
We face the deletion of mankind

As our world ceases turning
Prophesies but were still learning
All is fine in our delusion
Track Name: Refuse the Sickness
Your mental state, a fantasy
The wheel that breaks is within your mind
Susceptible to lose control
If you lose your mind
Have you lost your soul?

Fate of your life, so insecure
Fate determined by chemicals

Refuse the sickness
You and me, we will cry
For the process has gone awry
And the fallout is pain

Suffer the pain
Swallow this change
Suffer the pain
Resent your mind

Serotonin concentrations dropping
The synaptic dysfunction distorts the realisation
That we're engaging a mood swing alternation
Faces of loved ones transform to enemies
Now witness your moral depreciation
Forget about your cerebral limitation
A slave to the neurotransmitter malfunction
Condemning yourself to this personality destruction

Mechanical loss of control
Within the mind will take its toll

Track Name: Avalon
When the world was young
We came undone
And lost a place so close to heaven

Pure tranquillity
Like falling leaves
It's certain to become a memory

Gone was the beauty
In the eyes of eve
For soon she'll be discarded

Scream into the wind
The earth below me is breaking
Could it be a sin?
I'm torn away from
Track Name: Cages
Wait for the answers to come
The last piece of the puzzle will bring you closure
Take all the time that you need
Fate is smiling on you, don't be afraid

We let the time pass us by
Seconds closer to the day that we will die
Fate is but a false, fickle dream
Unwavering equanimity

People in cages
Imprisoned for dreaming
People in cages
Lost visions of greatness [x2]

Fear is the key to the lock only built to enslave us
Consequences forbid you from living your life
Breaking the boundaries of all that we're forced to believe in
Calm yourself now before you commit to the crime

People in cages [x3]
People encaged
Track Name: Brand New Eyes
When the blood begins to flow
You face just what matters most
Appreciating every breath
Only now that you have been so close to death

Green is on the other side
Countdown to a brand new life
Time to face reality
What I want or what i really need?

Who said we were ever really alive?
Lied, we're dead until we bleed

Life is just a one man show
Pierce skin to let the pleasure flow
Vision of a child
See the world through your brand new eyes

Through your brand new eyes

My fate is tied to you,
My break it falls with you
Take time, review, revise, decide
Shall we survive?

Take the pain, break the wound
Bid farewell, time to fall
Now unchained, release the soul

As you face another day
Celebrate as others fade away
Pillars of light will pierce your sky
Through my eyes the world is just a shade of grey

Leaving the torment behind
Fortune so impertinent
Forget this reality
A real world replaced with fantasy

[Chorus x3]
Track Name: The Carnal Thirst
Take a look at the suffering
We have brought to this finite world

Men will do as they please
Nothing, no-one will appease this stark annexation

Oh, the ending time when we cross the line
Cover the world with darkness
Cover the world with mankind's progress

Since the day that we first stepped onto this earth
A thought inside our minds
Has led us to this day

Crossing social boundaries
Crossing autonomies
The will to conquer seems
To always conquer us

Fate will show that we are nothing more
Than a plague to all
Than a virus leeching
We are dammed with this desire strain
We can't change our pain
Chasing lives of plenty
Bequeath the carnal thirst

The road to tomorrow is jammed by what was yesterday
Built in to our genome, the urge to conquer everything
The forests are burning, the forests are burning away
And we are the cause, we're our own enemy

Manipulating my wants into necessities
Consuming the crime

As mankind fades into dust, failed memories turn to rust
The children lost their way

Track Name: Rapture
Necessary destruction
Your cause has no point
Unless thy will is done

Doomsday cult
Electing to end the world
Prophecy misread

Rebuild the temple of Solomon
Whatever it takes the end must come

Doomsday cult
Electing to end the world

Sweet pure child your father said
It's the end now
Take no chances, plant the seed
At the gates we'll meet

Rising through the U.N
A false prophet of peace
We cannot trust them
No, our Bible tells us this

Looking to others for any signs of deceit
While revealing in your right hand
Is the mark of the beast

Self-fulfilling prophecy
We become what we believe
Welcome to the end of time
We will never die

Believe in the rapture

Weeping widows, dead children
Blood stained soil but I don't see him come

Track Name: Narcosis
Why can't we speak aloud?
Raise your fists into the sky and shout it now
Show your priorities
Tie my lips together now you know I see
Create atomic designs
Justified for those who lie but for us a crime

This world is numb for your disdain
We will fail
Why do you seem so fine when all but hope is gone?
Free yourself with apathy

How can we still not care?
Individuality it's now a stare
Density, feel it grow
Skin so thick no purity will now break through
Alienate your mind
Total global media, resulting dissent


Detachment of your sense
Unconscious state of bliss
Intellect to defect
This reject, anaesthesia

Shout it now

Your narcotic state
Leaves us in a wasted land
Disregard for politics
Though you understand

Indifference for humanity
Now consume a brand
No more time for audacity

Track Name: Alone In The Sky
Senses overwhelmed
Unable to appreciate
The enormity of this void

Endless time
Endless space
Endless force
Endless change

Alone in the sky
Drifting forever in the ocean of night
Alone in the sky
Stranded, eternally falling


Alone in the sky [x4]

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