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by Chaos Divine

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Instincts 04:04
Without a care, I walk through thunder Throw caution to the wind And how I fare, no it matters not to me Inconsequential consequence Bound by affection, I will hold you as I cower The rewrite has begun, I will lose to win this fight No white flag, though my back is against the wall No surrender when I fall I have to last, no this body must endure To protect all that is pure Seas of sentiment will overflow All the dreams I held, now let them go A course correction, all ambition refined Without remorse I will bleed for my bloodline See the eyes infatuating Innate instincts activating I’m resigned to abdicating I feel myself fall from vanity Immolating Immolate me
Fear the fate, civilization undone Will we be washed away? End of days, written all over the wall The writing’s on the wall (Rise and fall) bring down the walls of Jericho (Rise and fall) you can’t break the sense of vertigo (Rise and fall) bring forth the storms of acid rain (Rise and fall) drawing up plans to stay the coming end of days The earth’s shaking Fire and brimstone When the world is overthrown Feed the fixation with our devastation, endure (commit) Enter damnation, our elimination ensured (know it) You can’t shake it You’ve got something to fear So you’ll preach the end is near The earth’s shaking Fire and brimstone When the world is overthrown An army of one, protector of his family With a gun in his hand, he won’t be running away From this world he is shun, with tales that are spun of his insanity When the horsemen do come, his song will be sung While the heathens dismay Heaven, heaven is so far away No saviour
Unspoken 04:57
Raced back to the grind I return for one more time In this fortress of faces I have broken Unspoken shame Hold it right here Before we go too far Tasting the desire I fall right into the fire No recoiling, I’ll lay within the flames All thought betrayed But I can’t let go So drag me under Breath in, breath out and smoulder I keep repeating the storyline A paradigm of shame This time, like last time, I’m still here And I’ll keep searching through sordid eyes Lamenting my restrain Hate my forced morality For it enslaves me, hides animality Lies breed lies, truth melts away You wanna hear it, so that’s just what I’ll say Hearing the screams of sirens calling Held in the arms of loneliness I weep (hold me) Is this just a matter of time? How can I defeat my own mind? (defeat) Pushing to make things harder I’m breaking you, I’m broken too Breathe in, breathe out (my restrain)
Only Son 03:40
Here again, bathed in streams of starlight Holding gems, calling to you with my song Here me whisper the words You’re the one, you’re my only son Fear the end, fear the turn of the tide The moment when I cannot hold you in my arms Don’t you leave me so soon You’re the one, you’re my only son I hold pure innocence in my arms Divinity Your call I reminisce, an angel’s cry Sweet symphony These fleeting moments pass us by In the blink of an eye Steal one final kiss, hold you tight Don’t wake my only son
Grow pure shrine, pearls portray a new spine Dream sublime, troubled not this child’s mind Come inside, snakes lay in the sunshine Screams to remind you Perils pervade Tears to untie you A freedom to fail Salvation (a saviour disavowed) From the faintest foe Break the dice before you get to roll I’m guarding gravity Slowing down time with my mind’s eye Perceiving perils under blue skies Breaking of bones, tears in your eyes In every moment, see your demise Fear is what I bleed Fear is my duty Heed every warning that you won’t see Grave premonition Dark apparition Clouding all vision See only scars Salvation (a saviour disavowed) From the faintest foe Break the dice before you roll Causation (fogging the foreground) Paranoia grows Trading innocence to stay this force I’m guarding gravity
Just eight years old, his mother’s gold The closest thing to purity Forced to witness his mother’s grimace As they cut her just like meat Children’s bodies fed with torture, pure agony Persecuted ‘till they fracture, no amnesty Burned until they turn Survival overwhelms the guilt He’s stained by the colours of war No hands to hold Sweet dreams won’t come tonight He’ll wake to murder Forced to be a man When you were never a boy Now he’ll kill again With time he’s bound to enjoy He lives in a world where nothing is real Except the masters Committing horrors but he cannot feel So kill the bastards When the war is won They’ll all be coming after him Vengeance over clemency At only nine years old He’s witnessed the apocalypse And now he awaits a life in a cell A childhood stained by the colours of war A past he cries for A future paved by the eyes of scorn He will never be forgiven
Beacon 05:28
I want to touch the flame ‘Cause I need to feel again Everything is clouded by design The search to scrutinise Define, sort and sterilise Lucidity, unstain me Washed in this watershed of you I’m feeling oceans unseen And I’m breathing sunlight Words can’t extol This beacon of mine And I know why you’re here My senses awake to the world You’ve broken the burden Releasing the stars from the sky Now I weep with an ecstasy Purity, all is clear Walk with me through eternity Walk with me my dear My watershed is you
False Flags 05:42
Attack! Fed down the line, chills down your spine They’re getting closer, this death machine They’re coming to take your liberty In a constant state of fear Threat level rise, screamed from the skies Searching for cover, a refuge from dread You’re willing to pay now, whatever the debt So horrified, echoing cries They’re killing children, the vision is obscene Our warheads are waiting to wipe the slate clean We are the vaccine Fealty, we suffer the common curse Blindly, we fall into line, coerced Just pawns in a morbid charade Marching under false flags Unconscious crusade What was concealed you have revealed Prepare for the trial, a mind found unclean For lifting the veil of this smokescreen Attack! Clandestine False flags fly Genocide justified Attack! Sold the lie All deny False flags fly
It’s in the atmosphere and I feel it now Let the winds of hatred blow Spread the face of fear Take common ground In division you confide Feed the atmosphere, hate magnified And sworn enemies align For a fucking vote Stoke the fires of the populist to grow ‘Till the memory of mercy is lost Save yourself with their demise Defenceless Save yourself, block out the cries Of the helpless The call of command Will condemn the damned Their blood stains the sand The trading of man And dead rivers flow Stoke the atmosphere Stoke the flames of fear Choke on the burden of broken bodies, choke On the gruesome reality we’ll choke Choke on the burden of broken bodies, choke On the gruesome reality we’ll choke
Appear, your image, parading empathy Veneer, concealing what lies beneath the seams Revealed, uncovered, erupting clarity Your deeds discovered, self-centred savagery Within these walls your cover melts away Shielded behind the seals secrecy And with a single stroke You’ll set the course for sorrow The selling of souls for pocket change (Perfidious) this hypocrisy (Insidious) blind theocracy (Treasonous) professed aristocrat (Treacherous) a generational attack And with a single stroke, all hope forsaken Rejoice as we are undone The selling of souls Unaware or unaccepting This ignorance is only growing Laissez-faire, class domination On a trail to ashes we wonder And you are numb Ensure infanticide Acid waters will rise And for this you will be defined Fuck you! Bequest them horrors (Fear is your legacy) Your deeds discovered (Under the cloak of disregard) All hope is smothered (Drown in despondency) Bring forth the end of days
The Key 04:38
The scenes of sadness The devil would despair But we just turn away A child is crying A thirst he can’t allay His mother pleads again But I still feel something I can’t shake off this guilt that shadows me So I’ll reach out for something What can I hold to chase the shame away? We hold the key to salvation Like a noose around our necks The truth is blinding So stare into the comfort of this masquerade Not giving to you is stealing from me Clouding the world with this misery We hold the key to salvation Like a noose around our necks We give in to the temptation And purchase our regret Joy will never come The fever has just begun Chasing our own reverie Growing the divide Pushing with selfish pride Drown in a lack of sanity Fear of forgoing brings you despair Fear of forgoing is this nightmare
Legacies 01:47
Into the Now 08:00
Chasing the storm Frenzied, the locusts swarm Free of remorse, we circle the point source Streams will combine to flood a desert shore A breeze blows into a thunderstorm Spreading disease from just a single spore Grow the addiction to white noise Keep holding on Relief appears, then in a moment it is long gone Seek distraction To farewell another day Reason recoils into the fray Treason of the finite Meaning is lost to alchemy Glaring under moonlight Hypnotised to crave a prize we can’t obtain Pale disguise, we’re digitised into the game There can be no victory in this campaign Sublimation, self-sedation Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Running to nowhere, we’ve been running all night long Chasing a mirage that no one sees through Completely unaware that we’ve locked ourselves alone Days we must mourn And now the curse comes undone And now the call we ignore Withdraw the veil to the sun And now the sky we restore And we bare nothing at all now Our disposition denied Reanimation of the untied We disconnect from the supply A new perspective, in a touch revealed All the moments lost, the scars we cannot heal Raise your defenses, beware the Trojan sting Bestows this cancer’s blade, to cut us from within Know your own enemy is the one we hold inside Tame the servant of need, and the serene is untied Praise the morning star Tear away and fall into the now Into the now Know who we are Where we’ve been What we’ve missed


The concept of legacy has had increasingly more meaning for Chaos Divine as time has gone by. As one of the world's finest progressive acts, they have secured their own legacy over the course of 15 years, three iconic albums, countless stage hours and a trophy cabinet full of awards and industry accolades. Added to this, with band members recently entering into the world of parenthood for the first time, Legacies has not only emerged as the most fitting title for their gargantuan fourth album, but the theme that threads everything together.

From the dexterous opener Instincts, to the powerhouse finale of Into The Now, Legacies is a journey of exemplary musicianship and songwriting. Songs like Only Son, Colours Of War and the ambient title track affirm the album's concept, while singles False Flags and Unspoken each flaunt the band's staggering level of finesse. Their progressiveness has never come at the cost of their songwriting, nor have their penchants for brutality and melody ever been at odds with one another. True to this, Legacies finds Chaos Divine galvanising the crushing heaviness of their early work with the musicality and atmosphere of their 2015 masterpiece Colliding Skies.

As a working band, Chaos Divine have always done the hard yards required to bring their vision to life. From their music, to their artwork, to their stage show; the band has taken no shortcuts in striving for greatness. Since their inception they have pushed the envelope with a series of stunning releases that would define them. They forged their name as one of the must-see emerging heavy acts with their relentless debut Ratio (2006) and from there continued to progress exponentially. Defying expectations with three phenomenal albums back-to-back (and one hell of a cover of Toto's Africa) Chaos Divine's musical output has been nothing short of heavyweight.

Each Chaos Divine album has built upon the one that came before it. 2008's Avalon took the heaviness of Ratio to lofty new places. Its follow-up The Human Connection (2011) was the perfect bridge between sheer heaviness and the increasingly more progressive sound that would define Colliding Skies. Honouring this tradition, the band have raised the bar yet again with Legacies. Visceral and emotional, Legacies captures Chaos Divine at their absolute best – due in no small part to the skilled production team of Forrester Savell, Brody Simpson, Troy Nababan and Simon Mitchell.

The process of writing Legacies was very different than previous records. After the colossal undertaking that was Colliding Skies, the band took a well-earned break from creating. Eventually, new ideas began to surface during intensive group writing sessions, and members of the band worked on other songs more or less in solitude. As Legacies began to unfold, so too did its concept. Singer David Anderton explains, “Unlike our previous works, Legacies has a really strong theme throughout the album. Virtually every song in some way links back to the experience of parenthood and the innocence of children.”

Guitarist Simon Mitchell adds, “When it came time to record, the songs needed to be fleshed out, so the recording process ended up being significantly longer than had previously been the case.” Upon listening to Legacies though, it is instantly apparent that the extra effort has been worthwhile. Flawlessly performed and produced, it is the band's finest work to date.

As live performers, Chaos Divine ascended from the ranks of a 'local band' to that of a national and then international touring act – growing from a sought-after support into a towering headliner. They have earned coveted spots on festivals in Australia and Europe, have been met with chart positions, radio play, and a global following that is beyond loyal. Now, led by the soaring feature track Beacon, Chaos Divine return with Legacies in hand – their most ambitious, virtuosic album, and a testament to their own enduring legacy as Australia's most formidable progressive band.


released October 16, 2020

© Chaos Divine 2020
Produced by Chaos Divine
Lyrics by David Anderton
Drums engineered & recorded by Brody Simpson @ Underground Studios, Perth
Guitars and bass engineered & recorded by Simon Mitchell & Troy Nababan @ Hammerspace Studios, Perth
Vocals recorded by Simon Mitchell
Additional percussion performed by Brody Simpson
Additional vocals on ‘Behind the Seal’ by Ryan Felton
Mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell
Illustration by Kat Atkinson


all rights reserved



Chaos Divine Perth, Australia

Leading audiences and listeners through a journey of uncompromising arrangements, crushing heavy riffs and soaring melodies, Perth’s enigmatic prog metallers CHAOS DIVINE return to their heavy roots with a brand new album LEGACIES, out 16 October 2020.

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